London to Paris

Fashion, Travel

One of the best things about living in London is knowing that you can jump on the Eurostar to beautiful Paris. Last weekend I did just that and spent the day roaming around the Champs De Elysee and Notre Dame.

The highs (and one low) of my day….

A trip to Ladurée to pick up divine macarons

– I tried snails for lunch (the low in case you were wondering)

– Shopping @ Chanel (well window shopping…a girl can dream)

– Cultural time at the Louvre, mais bien sûr!

756_10100583199058208_659725010_n 432267_10100583196847638_509319400_n 483592_10100583197446438_2104225302_n

My outfit for the day…Alex McQueen (MCQ) paddock boots, Burberry Prorsum bomber jacket, Cos light brown jumper, Topshop faux fur hat and leather leggings, Zara calf-skin bag.


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