Marmite Moments


I cannot say I loved, or at least liked, the star of the Chanel Couture show – the Chanel Couture bride. In my eyes, Chanel should always have an air of understatement and class. The dress below is over the top and reminds me of the old fashioned version of femininity Chanel herself tried to escape from. As Coco once said ‘luxury is the opposite of vulgarity’.


Fortunately the rest of the collection was pretty dreamy…


Magical Fendi


KARL LAGERFELD is a genius.

Fendi’s 90th anniversairy ‘haute fourrur’ show was in Rome and featured models walking on a clear runway across the Trevi Fountain water.

“Mink coats, frothy chiffon dresses and sheer gowns were meticulously intarsia’d together to create na├»ve woodland scenes that depicted trees in silhouette, botanicals in bloom, alongside rolling hills, castles set into the distance and blonde princesses. It was utterly enchanting”.

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 11.49.02